Flatbed Roll Off Delivery Service (2 hour Min.) 150 per hour


If you are doing a addon to a dumpster rental, you can void the 2 hour minimum and pay straight time to have your material delivered in the dumpster, Shingles, drywall, wood, plywood ect

There is no repick up fee or time charge as that is included in the dumpster rental.

Keep in mind the weight when ordering your service. 11,000 pounds.

We build our company with our customer at the forethought. We also keep expanding our fleet of equipment as our customer asks.

This flatbed Deck dimentions is 8 feet wide 14 foot long with a 2 foot beaver tail.

Hauling weight Capacity: 11,000

The entire skid comes right off the truck allowing us to leave the skid onsite with your material or allowing you to unload it at street level.

To give you some ideas:

  • A sheet of 1/2 osb is 54 pounds.
  • A bunk consides of 48 to 58 sheets depending on manufacturer.
  • 2,592 to 3,132 pounds per bunk

Drywall: can split different lengths of both sides of the truck bed.

Pricing: 145.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Time starts when we leave our yard in Port Huron please have your order paid for at the store and the load ready to be loaded before having our truck come out. If you are within 5 miles of Port Huron your time ends when we leave your site. If you are outside of 5 miles your time ends when we get back to our shop.

If you are having the truck set down the flatbed skid. You will not be billed to have our driver watch your guys unload your material. Just the time to repick up our flatbed skid.


  • Your material does not come off the dump truck being dumped like most lumber company trucks do.
  • Your material does not come into contact with the ground.
  • Street height unloading option
  • 54 inch unloading option if left on truck if loading a ranch roof.
  • Options as to which supply house is gunna give you the best deal on material.
  • Additional arrows in your quill to make sure your project stays on time.

Cons: You are gunna have to part with your money.


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