Roll off additional weeks 1 week per unit


We are happy to accommodate our loyal customers and understand that it is not one size fits all.

For those folks we have added an option for you to add additional time onto your booking for your dumpster rental.

Our commitment to our customers is paramount but part of the magic of working with Dano’s Dumpsters is that some how we can always get you a box. When you get done give us a call and we will pick up your dumpster as fast as we delivered.


When renting dumpsters for a second or third week in addition to your standard weekly rental, you can use this product to purchase additional weeks on your rental.

Please note. 4 week max and weeks need to be added at the time of check out to ensure we take our containers out of our active inventory.

Rentals that are not prebooked with additional time may sometimes be granted additional time with using this product but is not guaranteed. Please call the office at 810 434 1692 if you are running short on time and want to extend.


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